Experience the Future of Close-Range Interaction at CES 2013

It’s been a very busy year for us at Omek and we’ve made great strides in continuing to develop and release gesture recognition software and developer tools to create new, touchless experiences. With CES 2013 right around the corner we couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to showcase the results of our efforts.

We continue to be inspired by the market opportunities and consistent interest in close range interaction. And Omek’s Grasp solution is groundbreaking when it comes to addressing consumer and customer needs. At CES 2013, we will be there to demonstrate responsive, robust, accurate hand and figure tracking like you haven’t seen before! In addition, we will be presenting our demos which showcase the deep research and learnings we’ve gleaned on how to create best-in-class experiences using gesture for a broad set of industries. Come check out our solution for intuitive control of Windows 8 with just a wave of your hand! Or experience virtual 3D control and modeling when you develop clay using just your hands. The opportunities are limitless.

If you want to see this and much more, book a meeting with us today. Call us at +972-72-245-2424 or email info@omekinteractive.com. We look forward to seeing you in Vegas!

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