The future of man-machine interfaces is in your hands

At Omek, we are changing the way people interact with their devices. Omek’s innovative gesture recognition technology provides you with fast, accurate, and easy-to-use tools to add gesture recognition and motion tracking to your applications.

Our technology is being incorporated into a vast range of devices – from TVs, and game consoles, to PCs, tablets, notebooks, smartphones and automotive infotainment systems. The gesture-enabled applications running on these devices are as far-ranging reaching as games, 3D design and visualization, operating systems, and beyond. We are dedicated to providing manufacturers and application developers with the tools they require to create the most intuitive human-user interfaces.

Omek was founded in 2007 by a group of computer vision experts and entrepreneurs who saw early prototypes of depth sensors and realized that these devices could create some of the most sought-after breakthroughs in the field of computer vision, including the ability to control applications and devices without the need for a physical interface. The team realized that the raw depth information provided by the cameras required additional processing, so they set about to produce a layer of algorithms and tools to convert this data into intelligence usable by applications and devices. The company has a large body of proprietary and patented intellectual property in its field.

A privately-held company, Omek is headquartered in Bet Shemesh, Israel, and has an office in Taipei, Taiwan.