Control Everything Without Touching Anything

Omek provides middleware and tools which let you easily and cost-effectively add gesture recognition and tracking interfaces to your applications.


Omek Grasp is designed to revolutionize the way we interact with devices and the applications that run on them, from distances as close as 10 cm. Designed for personal computing devices, mobile phones, automobiles, and more, Grasp allows for the creation of responsive, natural interfaces based on positions and movements of a user’s hands. Grasp is a full-featured development suite that gives device manufacturers the ability to add gesture recognition into a vast range of products


Omek Beckon is a full-featured set of middleware and tools that enables the creation of full body tracking and gesture interfaces. Beckon is being used to power gesture-based game consoles, to create immersive digital signage experiences, power hands-free TV interfaces, and for many other applications and industries. With Beckon, you can create controller-free interfaces that allow users to express themselves naturally and intuitively so the device understands them, instead of the other way around.

Advanced Developer Tools


As a complement to both Grasp and Beckon, we offer an array of tools designed to enhance productivity and accelerate the development process. Our solutions include support for a broad set of development languages, access to samples and predefined gestures, and a collection of toolkits & extensions. For those interested in creating their own custom gestures, Omek provides the automated Gesture Authoring Tool (GAT), enabling quick development of gestures without writing any code. Additional tools include the Motion Toolkit for Unity3D and a C# Extension.


Omek UX Studio

Our team of design experts identifies best practices on usability for natural user interfaces. The UX Studio develops unparalleled insights on how to create intuitive, compelling, gesture-based experiences.