Omek Beckon

Omek Beckon is a full-featured set of middleware and tools that enables you to quickly and efficiently deploy full-body gesture and tracking interfaces in your applications and devices, for operation at ranges from 1.5 to 3.5 meters. Beckon converts data from 3D cameras into intelligence about the human users in the camera’s field of view, tracking the positions and movements of 23 joints with incredible detail and accuracy.

How Beckon Works

Beckon tracks movements of players in arbitrary environments, isolating players in the scene and then constructing 3D models of the environments. The algorithms are designed to robustly segment “players” from other objects in the scene. Beckon auto-calibrates the skeleton model to optimally fit to each player’s body dimensions to ensure smooth and consistent tracking across a wide variance of user heights and sizes. As players move freely through a scene, his movements are mapped to the skeleton model in real-time, providing robust tracking even in cases where parts of the user’s body are occluded from the view of the camera.

Beckon Features

  • Motion Toolkit for Unity3D allows you to drag and drop ready to use components to quickly add gesture from within the Unity framework
  • Simple-to-use extension for developing in C# and .NET frameworks
  • Flash wrapper for quick development
  • Gesture Authoring Tool for the creation of custom gestures in minutes
  • Ability to track up to 5 skeletons simultaneously
  • Support for multiple camera positions
  • No calibration required