Omek Grasp





Grasp is a full-featured set of middleware and tools that enables you to quickly and efficiently create hand & finger tracking and gesture interfaces for your applications and devices. Grasp is designed for close-range environments and operates from ranges as close as 10 cm.


How Grasp Works

Grasp processes input from a new type of depth camera, optimized for close range operation. These close-range cameras are being developed into modules which will allow them to be incorporated directly inside the chassis of both PCs and tablet devices.

Grasp takes the depth map from these cameras and segments the user’s hands from the rest of the scene. Grasp then constructs a skeleton made of 22 joints for each hand and tracks the position of the joints on a frame to frame basis. Coupled with a complex and robust kinematics-based hand model, Grasp understands all of the possible configurations of the hand, even when portions of the hand are occluded or closed.

Grasp Features

Accurate and Robust Advanced Developer Tools
  • Responsive and accurate tracking of both hands, even with occlusions
  • Full 3D model of the hands
  • Identification of right vs. left hands with position, orientation, and naming of 22 joints
  • Tracking of hands and fingers in any articulation
  • Support for multi-hand interaction
  • No calibration required
  • Support for interfaces as close as 10 cm from the screen
  • Sensor-independent
  • Includes Gesture Packs with ready-to-use gestures
  • Gesture Authoring Tool (GAT) to quickly and easily generate custom gestures
  • Extensions and APIs for commonly used languages: Unity3D, Flash, C#, C++
  • Visualization tools and extensive sample code to jumpstart development