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Omek Grasp Product Demonstration for the Embedded Vision Alliance

Janine Kutliroff, CEO, and Eli Elhadad, VP of Game Development, demonstrate Omek Interactive’s latest embedded vision technologies and products at the January 2013 Consumer Electronics Show. Specifically, they are demonstrating Omek’s close-range, high-resolution gesture recognition middleware, Grasp, in various example applications.


Omek Interactive ‘Grasp’ Full Hands On Demo with Lazy Tech Guys

Lazy Tech Guys write about how Omek’s Gesture Recognition Technology rivals Kinect after we showed off the apps we created for our Grasp close-range gesture recognition technology. Apps demonstrated are Photo Album, Fruit Ninja, Virtual Library, Media Library, Music, Marionette and Windows 8 controls.


MTBS-TV: Interview With Omek Interactive at CES 2013

MTBS-TV Interview in 3D Stereoscopic with CEO, Janine Kutliroff, and VP Products, Doron Houminer, at CES 2013. This is a longer interview discussing Omek’s technology and with real-time demos showcasing our Grasp SDK.