Beckon SDK 3.0 Windows Edition – Official Release

During the course of the summer, we’ve been avoiding the heat outside and instead have been busy ‎working on preparing the final version of our Beckon 3.0 Windows Edition. After incorporating your ‎feedback, fixing bugs, and completing testing, we are excited to get this out to developers. As before, ‎the SDK is available as a free, non-commercial download from our website. Or, if you would like to ‎purchase a commercial license, simply send us an email for pricing ‎details. ‎
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What’s new in this release? Well, read on to find out. . .‎
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We strongly recommend downloading and working with this updated version of our SDK as it offers a ‎more robust, stable environment and addresses a number of known issues. Highlighted below are ‎upgraded features:‎

  • Improved Tracking. You will experience better tracking, with better handling of hands and the ‎ability to navigate through menus with greater ease.‎
  • Flash Wrapper. The Flash wrapper is now available as a stand-alone download, separate from ‎the SDK. The source code is available along with two samples to make development in Flash ‎that much easier. Also, the wrapper is backwards compatible with older versions of Beckon. ‎The Flash wrapper isn’t part of the Beckon SDK package but you can download it from the Omek developer support site.
  • Lower CPU Consumption. This one’s pretty self-explanatory, no?‎
  • Simpler, Easy-to-use Installer. Camera drivers for the most popular cameras are now built into ‎the installer, allowing you to start working with any of the supported cameras straight out of ‎the box. ‎

And if you haven’t tried Beckon 3.0 yet, here are a few additional improvements you will find with this ‎latest version:‎

  • New Tracking Viewer. We completely overhauled our tracking viewer to create a more ‎streamlined and simplified interface, making coding that much easier

  • Added Samples. Check out the Downloads section on Omek’s developer support site to find ‎additional samples to get you started with your application or game.‎
  • Quick Launch. Quickly access documentation, tracking viewer, samples, or support.
  • Updated Documentation. Are you noticing a trend here? We are reorienting the Omek ‎experience to be one that is easy for you to use and work with. In that spirit, we’ve updated ‎the documentation to reflect the changes we have made and to make working with our tools ‎easier. ‎

Nothing in life is perfect so let us know your feedback on what you like best and what needs additional ‎work on our end. You can leave your comments below or if you have questions that others can ‎benefit from, please post them in our Forums section.