Another Release! Beckon Usability Framework: Motion Toolkit for Unity3D

As promised, Omek continues to expand the Beckon Usability Framework to help you get the most out of Beckon’s motion tracking technology, with the least effort. Last week, we detailed the launch of the Gesture Authoring Tool. In this post, we’re happy to announce the release of two additional new components:

  • Beckon Motion Toolkit for Unity – a Unity package that you simply import into your Unity application, to have all of Beckon’s features at your fingertips.

  • Beckon C# Extension – a .Net C# API that is easier to use, yet more powerful than the Beckon SDK. If you’re a .Net developer, this is your Beckon tool of choice.

We’ll focus today’s blog post on the Beckon Motion Toolkit for Unity but check in tomorrow for details on the C# Extension!

If you’re developing applications using the popular Unity game engine, check out the new Omek Motion Toolkit for Unity. It’s the easiest way to get your Unity application controlled by user motions, creating a new and exciting experience for your users.

We’ve taken our Beckon SDK, which offers sophisticated motion tracking, animation and player management features, and made it easier than ever to access all of these features right in the Unity environment.

Using the Motion Toolkit, you can easily add the following to your Unity application:

  • Animation – automatically map player movements onto animated avatars, using full-body tracking information. You can also map any player’s joint onto a Unity GameObject.
  • Player Display –display players as color or depth images, or as motion-controlled icons.
  • Gesture Control – have your application respond to player gestures – the key feature of a Natural User Interface application.
  • Cursor Control – automatically map players’ hands to cursors, including options to override the operating system cursor, or implement multiple cursors.

  • Player Management – determine how many players your application manages at once, and how to select players from among the people on the scene.

The Motion Toolkit is a Unity package. All you need to do is import it into your Unity project, then drag-and-drop its ready-to-use components into your application.

If you’re curious to see what you can achieve with the Motion Toolkit (and we hope you are!), you can check out two gesture-enabled games developed by Omek’s Games Studio using the Motion Toolkit for Unity3D:

Adventure Park for Eedoo by Omek’s Game Studio

Galactic Surfers for Eedoo by Omek’s Game Studio